a place where the art of storytelling meets business, culture, & passion.

The Storie Co. is a Birmingham-based company that specializes in doing all of the things that you can't seem to get to in a week. No idea where to start on grant-writing but know funds are out there? We've got you. Need a website refresh? No problem. An online newsletter setup, written, and distributed? Sure thing. Have a great idea for a promo video but no equipment or director? Set the stage and let's get rolling. We can do these things, and so much more.

The Storie Co. founder and principal consultant, Jessica Morales, has spent her career as the person who gets stuff done. She has experience in corporate, nonprofit, big, small, and everything in between.

But what ties all of the things together? It's storytelling. 

Everyone has a story to tell. Let us tell yours.

I could not stop talking because now I had started my story, it wanted to be finished. We cannot choose where to start and stop. Our stories are the tellers of us.
— Chris Cleave, Little Bee

Stories are time capsules for our families and cultures. They are the things that we pass down from one generation to the next. I am from a family of amazing storytellers; we are all quite animated. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of sitting around with my dad and uncles listening to them tell stories from their own childhoods. They grew up as the children of a pastor of tiny, country churches in North Florida and South Alabama. Even though my parents are the same age, my mom swears my dad grew up in a different time period based on the stories they all tell. 

My favorite stories to hear were about my great-grandfather, Storie Sansom. He marked lumber for a living, and he his life spent walking the woods alone, which has always intrigued me to no end. 

Just as stories are passed down from generation to generation, so are names. In fact, when it came time to name our daughter, we chose to use my great-grandfather's unique name as her middle name. We hope that part of the stillness and rhythm of his life would be captured in her little personality. 

The same can be said about this company. Making the decision to go out on my own was not an easy one, however my love for small businesses and nonprofits runs deep. Something I've learned is that the art of storytelling can make all the difference when it comes to the growth and development of an organization. Whether through a quarterly newsletter, website refresh, or grant proposal, storytelling is the backbone that businesses and charities are built upon.


It is my hope that The Storie Co. will capture the uniqueness of each organization through the stories we have the opportunity to tell, just as my great-grandfather was able to capture the beauty of creation in the small details of his life.